10 Easy Hangover Remedies to Help You Through The Day

10 Easy Hangover Remedies to Help You Through The Day

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Everyone’s been there. You wake up regretting the amount of drinks you had the night before, and now you have to face the consequences. Luckily, you have just what you need at home to help you ease the pain. We’ve got you covered with 10 easy ways to help cure your hangover.

1. Water

Drinking water while drinking also helps reduce the hangover feeling after. Hydrating your body helps get rid of the toxins inside it. Consuming 6-8 glasses is recommended.

2. Bananas

Eating a banana is also an effective remedy. They’re filled with potassium and help replenish your body, and act as a good snack too.

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3. Eating ginger

Eating ginger actually reduces nausea and vomiting.

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4. Tea

Ginger tea makes you feel better after nausea and stomach pains. A simple tea can also help get rid of a hangover headache.

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5. Alka Seltzer

Alka Seltzer will definitely help your stomach after a hard night of drinking. It’s a temporary solution, so try drinking lemon juice throughout the day to help.

6. Ice

Ice compression is a perfect way to help get rid of your raging hangover headache. Just place it over the forehead and you’re good.

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7. Honey

A tablespoon of honey can work wonders when you’re hungover. It helps break down the alcohol and make you feel less horrible.

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8. Bread

Eating toasted bread can help bring your carbohydrates up, give your blood sugar level a boost and help you feel better overall.

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9. Rest up

Going back to bed is probably the most effective hangover remedy. Though not everyone is able to, if you’re privileged enough to have this option, do so. Your body will thank you later.

10. Advil/Ibuprofen

Lastly, take some Advil. Sometimes a simple ibuprofen is all it takes to get rid of that headache.

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