A 10 Step Guide to Sneaker Collecting

A 10 Step Guide to Sneaker Collecting

For the aspiring sneakerheads.

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For those unaware, there lies an entire community of sneaker collecting sneakerheads created beneath the culture. You’ve probably been curious about how shoe enthusiasts manage to cop the latest drop and are thinking maybe you can start a collection of your own. Sneaker collecting is a hobby for many, so you’re bound to get overwhelmed on some level if you don’t know where to start. We’re here to break it down for you with 10 basic steps worth noting.

1. Get familiar and follow the culture.

Before you actually spend your coins on anything, familiarize yourself with the prices and types of shoes you want to start collecting. Follow Instagram pages that post sneaker shots daily and keep up with blogs for the latest releases.

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2. Know the language.

It’s essential for you to be aware of sneakerhead lingo. The more you research and educate yourself on the sneaker culture, the better. You’ll learn the language quick and won’t feel clueless when walking into a Nike store. Check out this vocabulary list from Sole Collector and thank them later.

“CDP – Abbreviation for Countdown Pack, a series of two-sneaker Air Jordan packs in which both sneaker models added up to the number 23.
Usage: The Jordan CDP releases meant you could get one dope shoe and one whack shoe in the same box.

Colorway – A combination of colors used to differentiate styles. Usually shortened into 1 or 2 words, because sneakerheads are lazy. (see Bred)
Usage: LeBron James wore over 50 colorways of the Nike LeBron 12 last year.”

3. Stick to your budget.

It’s very easy for you to go over your head and want to splurge on a new shoe. And there isn’t anything wrong with that. But if you’re barely seeking to expand your small collection, aim towards the more affordable shoes, that way you have more shoes than just one or two really expensive pairs.

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4. Don’t feed into the hype, too much.

It’s a given that you’re gonna peep your Twitter timeline and see everyone going crazy over a Yeezy UltraBOOST release. But again, if you’re solely trying to build up your collection, stick to shoes that are more accessible.

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5. Stick to your personal preferences.

Don’t buy shoes just because of the hype. The last thing you want your collection to be is a wall filled with shoes that you don’t even find appealing. Don’t be afraid to buy shoes that the majority wouldn’t seek after.

6. Remember diversity is key.

You want to build a collection you’re in love with and can get real use out of. Remember that you need a shoe for different types of activities- running, basketball, soccer, casual, dressing shoes. Therefore, keep the diversity in your collection alive.

7. Get pairs that you’re comfortable using on a day to day basis.

They’re called “beaters.” These are the shoes you really don’t care what condition are in, but you keep them in case you need to throw on any shoe real quick. It’s okay to sport some beat up Chuck Taylor‘s on a school day.

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8. Be well aware of resells.

Don’t sleep on resell sites, outlets, or Facebook groups when it comes to getting a pair you’re dying for. Just a few popular websites for resells include Flight Club, Sole Supremacy, and RIF LA.

9. Be cautious about scammers.

Don’t buy from randoms on Instagram or anything that doesn’t ask for PayPal, or some form of card information. Be smart and look out for the red flags. Some red flags include sending payments as “gifts,” or not using an invoice.

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10. Lastly, be patient.

Your sneaker collection is going to take time to grow. Don’t rush anything and don’t start wildin’ ou every paycheck you get. Remember that quality is much more important over quantity, and stay true to your personal preferences.

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