10 Strongest Superheroes of All Time

10 Strongest Superheroes of All Time


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Can you guess the strongest superheroes of all time? It seems as if ever since Superman came into the scene there is not much debating anymore. The Marvel Universe measures the raw physical strength of its heroes based on how much weight they can press overhead. DC does something similar because but they have all the scientific stuff. Some characters though are so strong that it’s impossible to quantify their power in any meaningful way. Here’s a list in no order of the 10 strongest superheroes of all time!

Wonder Woman

Wonder Women is essentially a combination of Superman and Batman. She retains Supermans power and Batmans fighting skills. I believe she is just waking up to her powers and theres much more power that meets they eye. She is the icon of empowerment.


The Hulk is probably one of the strongest. He has unlimited strength, rapid tissue regeneration. Hulk lacks actual super powers because pure muscle can only take him so far but his inexhaustible stamina makes hims strong. Two words, “HULK SMASH.”


So Superman is the man of steel. He is invincible well obviously besides kryptonite. Superman has an unstoppable force I mean who remembered when he cupped a black hole in his hands?


Thor has no weaknesses besides physical attacks and Asgardian magic. He can collapse a whole area and shift the planet out of place. So Their can basically destroy anything with a tap of his hammer.


Alright so Phoenix has been resurrected several times. Once she is in a darker form she has no weakness not even emotional. She is one of the most powerful telepaths in the universe.


I mean how can I not put the only person to take down Superman? I mean he is only human but he definitely ranks as one of the top 10. Batman has all the brains to outsmart any other superhero. Who remembers when he threatened Thanos by saying he will blow up his city, Apokilips? Who is strong enough to ever threaten Thanos?

Iron Man

Iron Man needed to be added to the list for his armor. His armor is powerful and increases his durability. Not only is his armor powerful but Iron Man controls all forms of energy from kinetic to solar! Can’t forget to mention that he can fly as fast as a supersonic missile.


The limit to the speed Flash can run never ends. Flash can reach speeds billions of times the speed of light which surpasses Supermans heat vision. He can essentially be at two places at the same time since he can travel through time.


Although Wolverine dosent have the typical superhero powers but he does have a healing factor ability. His blades make him bets at fighting and he sure gives us a lot of action.


I know what you’re thinking, why is Deadpool on this list? Isn’t he a anti hero which means he lacks heroic attributes? I feel like he belongs on this list. I mean Deadpool has the best power of all his super fast healing factor which is said to be faster than Wolverine.