12 Signs That Remind You You’re From LA

12 Signs That Remind You You’re From LA

“My home my home, LA I ride for you.”

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There’s pros and cons to living in Los Angeles just as in any city. But no one understands the love for the city like those who were born and raised in LA. Today we’re analyzing the little things that remind us we’re from the City of Angels.

1. You miss your local elotero guy you had growing up.

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2. Being asked “with or without traffic?” when sharing your ETA.

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3. You’ve witnessed a commercial or movie being filmed at random spots throughout the city and it
doesn’t phase you anymore.

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4. You know where all the good food truck stands are located. 😋

5. Earthquakes don’t scare you, unless you’re a news anchor.

6. You’ve ran into at least one celebrity at the most random time.

7. You can buy flowers on the freeway.

8. Starbucks? Nah, you prefer these babies that are sold at your local Michoacana.

9. Hollywood doesn’t really amuse you at all.

10. When it rains suddenly everyone forgets how to drive, and the freeways are flooded.

11. “California Love” gets you HYPE, every time.

12. You ultimately have a serious love/hate relationship with your city.

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