15 Back to School Items Everyone Needs This Semester

15 Back to School Items Everyone Needs This Semester

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Back to school season is here and if you’re a student you know how difficult it is to remember every single little thing you’re going to need this semester. Luckily we made it a little easier for you with a list of 15 underrated back to school items you’re absolutely going to need.

1. Laptop case

If you don’t have one already, cop one! You’re going to be moving around campus probably 50% of the time you’re there so it’s better to be safe than sorry with this one.

2. Flash drives

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I’d say it’s a smart idea to get yourself two flash drives. If there’s anything I’ve learned in my three years of college it’s to ALWAYS save your work in two different drives.

3. Printer

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Your school probably has a really affordable printing fee but having your own printer saves you a ton of time.

4. Snacks

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Think about it. How much are you spending on snacks? It’s better to stock up on your favorites early. This saves you time and gives you an excuse to visit your local Costco.

5. Coffee thermos

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Ditch the daily coffee runs and make your own at home!

6. Calculator

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Even if you’re not a math major, you’re going to need a calculator for that one class you need to complete in order to meet your GE requirements.

7. Portable charger

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This one is essential. Don’t struggle trying to find a charging port in the library when you can bring your own charging packs yourself.

8. Cash

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Alright so maybe you won’t need that much but try to carry at least a $20 just for emergencies.

9. Hand sanitizer

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You never know what snake you’re going to run into. Just kidding. But seriously, I can’t tell you the amount of times I wish I had hand sanitizer on me on campus. Plus, what if the restroom doesn’t have any soap? *cringes*

10. Mints/gum

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If you’re planning on catching bae after lunch, you’re going to want this handy.

11. Planner/schedule

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Try and have the entire week planned out. Even month, if you’re able to. Keeping a planner handy takes some stress off your shoulders and makes you feel accomplished as the days go by.

12. Hand lotion

I can bet you at least one person will ask you for lotion in class. Especially during Fall semester.

13. Watch

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Also probably won’t need a luxury one, but just in case you don’t have your phone on you, you always want to have the time handy.

14. Post-it notes

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Post-it notes are useful for daily reminders.

15. Reusable water bottle

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Last but not least, stop spending money on water bottles and get yourself a reusable water bottle!