15 Best Jackie Moments from “That 70’s Show”

15 Best Jackie Moments from “That 70’s Show”

Celebrating Mila Kunis’ birthday.

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Jackie Burkhart was arguably, one of the most memorable characters from That 70’s Show. Her looks were probably what drew people in, but her bratty princess know-it-all attitude was what kept us hooked. Today, Mila Kunis turns 34, and in celebration we’re bringing you Jackie Burkhart’s best moments and memorable quotes from That 70’s Show.

1. The time she flaunted her modesty.

2. The time she made herself seem emotionally cold.

3. The time she was unapologetically blunt.

4. When she gave us priceless advice.

5. The time she was vain and she knew it.

6. When she let us know her big plans for the future.

7. The time she proved that she could never lose a battle.

8. When she showed us that she knew her worth.

9. She also knew her strengths.

10. How she somehow made being lonely af seem relate-able.

11. When she showed us she puts things into perspective sometimes.

12. How she spoke to us from the heart.

13. The time she showed us first world problems.

14. She blessed us with iconic quotes too.

15. Nobody loved herself more than her.