15 Reasons It’s Ok to Not Be Vegan

15 Reasons It’s Ok to Not Be Vegan

Don’t hop on the bandwagon.

Hubwav Staff
posted by at Aug 21, 2017 at 11:16 am
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Veganism has turned an ideology into a trend thanks to a new documentary What the Health? but we’re not falling for it. Vegans preach for animals and our health but eating plants all day everyday just doesn’t sound appetizing. Before you jump on the bandwagon and fall for their scare tactics here’s 15 reasons why we’re cool with you not being vegan.

1. Some of us simply don’t have the money.
Buying $1 hamburger over a $10 plus vegan plate saves a lot of money.

2. Spots that sell vegan food are hard to find.
There’s a Denny’s and McDonalds on every corner versus a salad bar.

3. You don’t have to be that person while ordering food.
It’s like playing 21 questions with the waiter over what food you can actually eat off the menu.

4. Your food options are endless.
You can literally go out to eat anywhere, no excuses.

5. You don’t have to take supplements.
A plant based diet lacks a lot of vitamins and nutrients the body needs. Another expense added on to your grocery list.

6. Got milk?
Or cheese? Or eggs? Some of us are raised off these basic food and simply would be lost without them.

7. Ice cream wouldn’t be ice cream.
Who doesn’t like ice cream?

8. What exactly is vegan cheese and meat?
I don’t what’s more fake vegan meat or the meat patties at McDonald’s. I’m confused.

9. We’re killing animals regardless of our diets.
You think they don’t spray insecticides on plants?

10. Habits are hard to break.
A sudden transition from eating meat on the regular to not eating it at all is hard, very hard.

11. What’s thanksgiving without turkey?
Culture and traditions may be affected drastically by your new lifestyle.

12. Are you really not going to eat that plate you’re grandma made you?
That’s just rude.

13. Proof is in the pudding.
Humans have always been omnivores, pick up a history book bro.

14. Cravings will always be there.
No matter what.

15. Check your facts.
That documentary you watched was produced and sponsored by huge Vegan groups. One-sided much? The studies and research they sited are also not all that credible but we’re not here to tear it apart. Just make sure you know what you’re missing out on when you’re vegan.