15 Reasons Why Virgos Catch So Much Heat

15 Reasons Why Virgos Catch So Much Heat

These apply to any Virgos you know?

Hubwav Staff
posted by at Sep 8, 2017 at 12:19 pm
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It’s officially Virgo season and they aren’t the most loved of the horoscopes. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are the most hated, but they do tend to get the short end of the stick. Below are some of the most common reasons and attributes Virgo’s catch so much heat for. Let us know if these apply to you or somebody you know!

1. Attentive. A Virgo has a keen eye for the smallest of details and will definitely let you know if something is out of place or is wrong. They’re being careful, not rude.

2. Hardworking. Virgos will not stop if there’s something that needs to be done. It may take some time but it will be finished and this may annoy others who just want to half-ass a project. Don’t choose a Virgo for your group project.

3. Cleanliness. There can’t be a spot or stain anywhere with a Virgo in the house! They will make sure you use a coaster before you place your cup on the table.

4. Nature Lovers. A Virgo likes to be outside and enjoy mother nature. This may be a bummer to those who’d rather stay indoors all day. Nothing wrong with a little sun!

5. Kind. It’s hard for a Virgo to be mean or aggressive at those key moments that may need that. On the bright side though, they’re kind!

6. Skeptical. Not really easy if you’re trying to convince a Virgo on something. They’re very skeptical and won’t believe a word you say! Keep trying though, they’re just being stubborn.

7. Conventional. A Virgo expects everything to go the way it should. They plan for something than those plans should make way for the completion.

8. Shy. At first glance, Virgo happens to be very shy. They take some time to approach, but once they open up to you they are the best of friends and you’ll need more Virgos in your life!

9. Impatient. They do not like waiting. If something is scheduled to be done, then it should be done by that time!

10. Sensitive. Don’t be too mean with a Virgo, they can get hurt a little more than others. They’re a bit more emotional so spouting out mean words to one can bring out a tear or two.

11. Perfectionist. A Virgo wants everything done and wants them done in a complete way.

12. Reserved. It’ll be very rare that you see a Virgo and them unleashing their wild side. They’re not very fond of loud and crowded places. Every now and then they will show it and it’s a very fun Virgo!

13. Opinionated. Everybody has an opinion on something, but a Virgo has an opinion on everything! They are strong headed to what they like so good luck trying to get them to change their minds on an opinion.

14. Worriers. Virgos will over think and over analyze everything. They may see the wrong in the littlest of stuff.

15. Lover not a fighter. A Virgo will go out of their way to avoid confrontation in the bad sense. They’d rather work things out over having to fight about something. Even if it’s lying about a little compromise.