20 Do’s and Don’ts to Attending Concerts

20 Do’s and Don’ts to Attending Concerts

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Throw out the bucket list, concerts are an absolute must. If you’re an avid concert-goer you know that every experience is different and for you fist timers geeking in excitement we got you. Here’s a list of 20 do’s and don’t’s to attending a concert.

1. Do mosh, rage, and fan-girl.
Concerts are a judge free zone. Everyone there is just a big of a fan as you are, so get hyped. Moshing is a once in a lifetime experience. Just feel the music, jump and get wild.

2. Don’t be aggressive.
All fans rage in different ways. If you’re friend doesn’t want to rage don’t force them to. Just do your own thing, you guys will find you way back eventually.

3. Be friendly and nice.
Sometimes us newbies get caught up in a mosh pit. If you want to avoid some bruises find your way out by walking towards the outside corner of the pit. Be the bigger person and help a fallen soldier who might be trapped in the pit.

4. Don’t wear heels in the pit.
Guys if you’re bringing your girl advise her not to wear heels, especially not in the pit. Tell her to save that cute outfit for the club.

5. Do wear fan merch.
Show your fan love through your gear. Remember that one time Kanye pointed out his fan wearing a Donda West shirt. In the words of DJ Khaled that’s “FAN LUV!”

6. Don’t dress to impress.
You want to wear your favorite pair of white yeezy’s to his show, go for it but they’re bound to get some damage. Concerts are a heavily crowded are and you’re going to get your toes stepped on. Depending on the level of rage food and drinks may be thrown into the air. Look out for raining beer and flying cups.

7. Do eat before the concert.
Concerts run for an unpredictable amount of time so don’t let your growling stomach be a mood kill.

8. Don’t leave during the main performance.
I repeat don’t leave during the main performance. Don’t get caught sitting on the toilet when Drake crashes the Weeknd‘s set.

9. Do arrive early.
Concert traffic is deadly.

10. Don’t miss opening acts.
Opening acts get you even more hyped for the main performance. You never know when you might catch the next Kendrick Lamar while they’re still low-key and up and coming.

11. Do stick around till the very end.
An encore is bound to happen. Also lookout for celebrity attendees as they leave the venue.

12. Don’t leave early to avoid traffic.
Traffic is unavoidable, sorry.

13. Do pregame.
Venue drinks and food are expensive, I mean unless you got it like that.

14. Don’t bring in extra stuff to the venue.
Open beverages or sometimes drink in themselves are not allowed in to venues. Pat downs are also performed depending on the area.

15. Do go with friends & significant others.
Maybe they don’t like the artist as much as you do, but vibing out to the music in their company is an euphoric feeling.

16. Don’t go alone.
Going to a concert by yourself is simply awkward.

17. Be vulnerable.
It’s ok to cry and get in your feelings. That’s why love songs exist right?

18. Don’t act too cool to dance or sing.
Don’t be THAT guy. You’re killing the vibe bro.

19. Don’t record the whole thing.
We get it you went to go see your favorite artist but two to three videos on our feeds will suffice.

20. Live in the moment!
Breathe, take it all in.

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