21 Savage Donates $21,000 to Charity on Ellen

21 Savage Donates $21,000 to Charity on Ellen


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Lately, The Ellen Show has been tapping into hip-hop. Yesterday’s show was no different as she welcomed 21 Savage. He performed one song and announced his association with a non-profit organization.

21 savage performed his hit single “Bank Account” from his album Issa in Saint Laurent of course. His DJ was right behind him adding to the song since they weren’t able to say cuss words on live television. Turns out that he has more than “8 M’s” in his bank account.

After the performance 21 Savage announced that he started a financial campaign associated with the non-profit organization Get Schooled. The campaign is called ’21 Savage Bank Account’ campaign. 21 Savage said the purpose is to “Help kids learn how to save their money and make their money, and open up bank accounts for kids.”

@21savage is doing something absolutely amazing. I can't wait for you to see it.

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He then presented a check worthy of $21,000. According to the campaign the money will help 21 students open up a bank account with 1,000 entered already. The campaign hopes to encourage kids to think about money, and start saving for their future.