4 Reasons Cavs Are Going to Take Game 5

4 Reasons Cavs Are Going to Take Game 5

Cleveland with the comeback!

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posted by at Jun 12, 2017 at 5:54 pm
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The Cleveland Cavaliers were able to take the win in game 4, but it’s still a long way before they take the finals. With game 5 going on today, we got 4 good reasons why we believe the Cavs will be taking the W away from the Golden State Warriors and end up taking the finals.

Playing in the Bay
Fighting to stay alive in a place you’ll definitely be getting booed at is just adding fuel to the flames. This is only going to make the Cavs play twice as hard and make sure those ‘booes’ turn into ‘ooooos’

The winner of the 2017 NBA finals will be in the lead in victories. Golden State took the NBA finals of 2015. 2016 NBA Finals win went to the Cleveland Cavaliers. It’s only right they make it a two parter and take the win for 2017 as well.

Setting Records
Cleveland set a new record in game four with 24 three-pointers. For the Cavs it was just another day on the court. Expect them to try and top the 24 record in their rival’s home turf.

LeBron James
Did you see that dunk? That’s LeBron under pressure and out of options. He’s going to be feeding out a lot more of those for game 5 now that victory is within view.

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