50 Cent Has Two Unreleased TV Shows In The Works

50 Cent Has Two Unreleased TV Shows In The Works

The rapper and G-Unit films scored a deal with Sony.

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According to All Hip Hop, rap veteran 50 Cent is producing two new “high profile” series in a deal with Crackel and Sony, titled The Oath and RPM. He teamed up with former Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy Joe Halpin, the script writer for the new series.

The rapper stated screenwriter Halpin, who has written favorites like Hawaii Five-O, and The Lottery, adds reality to The Oath because of his experiences as a cop. The 10 episode series will surround a group of law enforcement officers pertaining to a secret society. According to a synopsis on the series, “In order to stay both out of jail and alive, they will all need to re-examine the principles that guide them and speculate as to whether they can trust the criminals that operate among them.”

50 cent spoke on the project in New York City stating “I am very excited to be partnering with Sony Pictures Television Networks and Crackle. To be able to bring this story to life is something I’m looking forward to and Joe Halpin’s personal experience will make this unlike anything that’s been seen before.”

The second project is titled RPM. The synopsis states that the show is about a car salesman in a neighborhood filled with crime in Boston. The salesman then becomes a driver for a crime group when hit with financial struggles. This series is written by Leo Sardarian.

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