“Adventure Time” and “Regular Show” Score Crossover Comic Series

“Adventure Time” and “Regular Show” Score Crossover Comic Series

What the nuts?!

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Perhaps two of the most popular animated series from Cartoon Network will be joining forces in a new comic crossover series. KaBOOM! (an imprint of BOOM! studios) are set to be launching a comic series. “Adventure Time/Regular Show’s” plots will be centered around Princess Bubblegum send Finn and Jake on a mission to find “The Power,” ultimately saving Ooo from a villain. Brace yourself because this is where the twist comes to play, Regular Show’s “Skip” is hiding it. This conflict places Finn and Jake into trouble in regards to their brotherly friendship.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Conor McCreery is teaming up with artist Mattia Di Meo for the comic series. Illustrator Phil Murphy will be the illustrator for this one.

In an interview with EW, McCreery stated “Adventure Time and Regular Show are two of the funniest things ever. They are so weird, with a crazy internal logic I love..I love stories that jam in a ton, and this book is going to do that. I’ve been trying to sneak in as many references to the shows as possible, while still leaving plenty of space for your favorite pairs of bros and their best friends.” He went on to say, “Expect a LOT of craziness. Expect a lot of friendship. Expect monsters. Expect punches. Expect patoots. Maybe even expect… Hambonning!” McCreery teases readers. “Plus, how much fun is it to have these guys meet and hang with each other? Oh, and it’s got a totally math new villain!”

The comic series will be up for grabs in August.

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