Artists We Are Watching in 2017

Artists We Are Watching in 2017

Of course Lil Yachty was going to make the cut.

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It’s 2017 and with all the music we got last year you’re probably feeling like things couldn’t get any better this year. Well we are here to help with a list of some of the artists we’re keeping an eye out in 2017. Did your new favorite artist make the cut?

1) Aminé

Aminé is a North East Portland, Oregon native who’s song “Caroline” took off and became a big hit in 2016. He has said on HOT.97 that he has about 50 other dope songs he hasn’t released. Just the other day Aminé dropped the visuals for the song “REDMERCEDES,” in the video for the song you will notice another artist on our list Kari Faux. Aminé is signed to the label Republic so we should hopefully be expecting a new project from him sometime this year. In the meantime check out his SoundCloud and his videos for “Caroline” and “REDMERCEDES.”

2) BIA (Pericoprincess)

BIA is a rapper from Boston who I personally feel like is bringing back that real “90’s” rap especially in this era of female rappers. She is unapologetically hardcore and ties it all together with some latin influences. She is signed to I AM OTHER, which is Pharrell Williams label. BIA has said she has lots of songs Pharrell produced for her which is really exciting since we all know the heat Skateboard P brings. BIA has many songs out that you should check out on her SoundCloud and be on the look out for a possible album.

3) Daniel Caesar

Daniel Caesar is a singer/songwriter who is from Toronto, he is very talented and does not identify to any genre, but his sound is so good and pure you can call it what you want. Caesar has one project out so far named “Pilgrim’s Paradise” that came out in 2015. One of his newer songs that came out in 2016 entitled “Get You” is one of my favorites. He is not yet signed to a label, but is still making music so check out his SoundCloud for some songs you may fall in love with.

4) Kali Uchis

Kali Uchis is a Columbian singer and songwriter, she has worked with Daniel Caesar, Tyler, the Creator, and the Gorillaz. As well as many other artists and producers. She is an advocate for girl power and equality in the world, which is something very positive and needed especially now in the time we live in. Uchis has one project out now that is great and is named “Por Vida,” Kali channels a lot of sounds from the oldies and throws in her latin influences. Be sure to check out “Por Vida” on SoundCloud and be on the watch for an album that is said to drop this year!

5)Kari Faux

Kari Faux is a rapper from Little Rock, Arkansas, she is most notably known for the song “No Small Talk” she was on with Childish Gambino. Gambino’s manager Fam found her producer Black Party on Twitter which led to them working together. Faux has been on many other songs with Gambino, as well as Isaiah Rashad and has worked with many other artists. Faux has a project out now named “Lost En Los Angeles” that came out last year on April 8th. She has many other songs and dope visuals out that are available on YouTube and her SoundCloud, be sure to check out all of her work and see for your self why we she is an artist to be watching!

6) Lil Yachty

Lil Yachty is a rapper who doesn’t quite consider himself to even be a rapper but more of a general artist. He is from Atlanta, Georgia and as gained a lot of fame very quickly. Yachty has had many hits like “One Night” as well as the song he worked on with D.R.A.M “Broccoli.” Yachts has since done a lot of things like being on a commercial for Target that came out this year. He has two mixtapes out named “Lil Boat” that came out March 2016 and “Summer Songs 2” that came out in July 2016. He is said to be dropping an album sometime this year so be on the lookout for that and in the mean time checkout some of his other songs on his SoundCloud.

7) Steve Lacy

Steve Lacy is an artist from Compton, California and is part of the band The Internet. He joined the band when he was only 17 and co-produced their Grammy nominated album Ego Death. Earlier this year the band decided to make all their own individual projects. Lacy’s is titled “Steve Lacy’s Demo-EP” and is available on his SoundCloud. His music is great and could be described as LA indie R&B Pop all in one. Hopefully we will get more new music from Steve Lacy this year!

Artwork by Francisco Sandoval