Best Studio Ghibli Films Ever

Best Studio Ghibli Films Ever

Five of the best Studio Ghibli films to date.

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The GKIDS Studio Ghibli Fest started last month and director Hayao Miyazaki is back at again creating new films for the studio. There are many great and iconic movies from the Japanese studio but to narrow down the search here is a list of the best Studio Ghibli films ever.

My Neighbor Totoro

I am sure at one point in your life you have came across the character Totoro. My Neighbor Totoro is a classic and if you only have time to watch one of Studio Ghibli films this should be the one. It is centered around to sisters who come across friendly spirits in their new home and the nearby forest.

Spirited Away

Spirited Away is one of the most visually appealing animated films that has ever existed. It is beautifully created with colorful and unique animation. The movie starts off when main character Shiro and her parents come across an abandoned amusement park. She soon finds out the park is a resort for supernatural human beings. The film also won an Academy Award for best animated feature film in 2003.

Kiki’s Delivery Service

Kiki’s Delivery Service centers on a young witch named Kiki. Kiki must spend a year alone since it is required by her village for witches in training. From there you can experience her journey of growing up and finding herself along with her cat Jiji.

Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke is by far the most intense film on the list. It along with the other films on the list is beautifully done. It has broken box office records in Japan and is critically acclaimed. The film focuses on the prince who encounters the forest princess and deals with the struggles of mechanization brought onto the civilization.


Ponyo is one of the more recent films from Studio Ghibli. It centers on a young goldfish princess who comes in contact with a young boy. Her friendship with the young boy encourages her dream of becoming a human as she grows into a young girl. If you have siblings or young children this one is a must see with them.

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