Bet Experience at L.A. Live

Bet Experience at L.A. Live

So many surprise guests! 😱

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posted by at Jun 24, 2017 at 11:42 am
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DJ Khaled and friends, Bryson Tiller, Jhene Aiko, Jidenna, Khalid, THEY., and H.E.R. performed at the BET Experience at LA Live on June 23rd. The show was filled with, good vocals, fun performances, and tons of surprise guests!

The show started off with guest H.E.R. who sang a medley of songs. One of which was her track “Focus.” Something unique that she did, unlike the other artists performing was that she played the guitar! H.E.R. did an awesome job at doing her own guitar solo and keeping the audience pumped.

Next on the line up was Jidenna. Jidenna came out ready to get the audience excited. His set was full of bright colors and cool images. He sang songs from his recent album The Chief and that included “Bambi” (my personal favorite) and a “Little Bit More.”

Khalid was set to perform after Jidenna. Prior to his performance Khalid had a little video talking about his journey. By the way many of the videos in between each performance were sponsored by Coca Cola, which previewed many of their own commercials. Khalid sang many more ballet like tracks but still managed to put his own spin of moves to each song. He ended his performance with his most popular song, “Location.”

Jhene Aiko performed soon after Khalid. She opened up with instrumental music and sang her most recent release “Hello Ego,” to start off the show. She sang a medley of songs from her recent album to her mixtape Sail Out. She kept the audience engaged by talking to us and allowing us to sing along. She was an amazing performer and great vocalist. While she sang music videos would play behind her or beautiful visuals of galaxies, sunsets, and soothing colors. She finished her performance with her other recent release, ” While We’re Young.”

One of the big headliners of the BET Experience was Bryson Tiller and boy did he put on a big show. He mentioned before his performance that he was under the weather, but you could not tell at all. He started off with the track, “Self Made.” From there he went on to perform songs from T R A P S O U L and True to Self. During his performances he had smoke and even flames coming from the stage! On top of the great set he had a drummer perform a solo.

DJ Khaled was the last performer of the bunch. Khaled played a couple of his hits and got the audience pumped. He even played one of his recent single releases featuring Bryson Tiller and Rihanna, “Wild Thoughts.” During the whole performance Dj Khaled kept on mentioning that he was going to have special guests and he did not disappoint. He first brought out Yo Gotti and then from there the stars just kept on coming! YG, 21 Savage, French Montana, and even group Bell Div DeVoe! There was plenty more who came out, but those were just a few that stuck out. The set was filled with hits and so many great performances, unfortunately DJ Khaled got cut off by the end of his performance for going over the time limit.

Photograph via Black Cultural Events