Beyoncé is Working with Gucci To Bring More Clean Water to Burundi

Beyoncé is Working with Gucci To Bring More Clean Water to Burundi

Part of BeyGOOD and UNICEF.

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posted by at Mar 22, 2018 at 11:49 am
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Beyoncé and the brand Gucci are closing out Women’s History Month with a million-dollar bang for an extraordinary cause. In celebration of World Water Day for the second phase of the initiative, founding partner Gucci is joining Beyonce, Chime for Change, BeyGOOD and UNICEF in their efforts to help alleviate the epidemic with a $1 million commitment to the project that will provide for the installation of an additional 85 water wells in Burundi communities.

Gucci reportedly pledged $1 million to the cause, a contribution that will help deliver water to over 120-Thousand people in Burundi. Beyoncé, founded BEYGOOD4BURUNDI alongside UNICEF last June in an effort to aid those in a nation where many do not have regular access to water. The singer’s website states that only 60% people in Burundi have access to safe water, and that over 2 million people in the country must spend more than 30 minutes every day just to gather water.

Access to safe water means girls won’t have to risk being attacked to walk long distances for water, can go to school instead of spending time collecting safe water, and won’t have to skip class when they get their periods if their schools have clean toilets.

BeyGood4Burundi has already completed 35 wells and is on track to provide 366,000 people with clean water by 202, according to a report from World Water Day.