Black Milk Releases “FEVER” & His Self-Directed Music Video “Laugh Now Cry Later”

Black Milk Releases “FEVER” & His Self-Directed Music Video “Laugh Now Cry Later”

Socially aware as it is lyrical.

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Detroit’s own Black Milk has shared his latest multi-genre full-length album “FEVER” and debuted his music video for “Laugh Now Cry Later” in which he takes the directors seat for the first time. Black told XXL about the inspiration behind his sixth album stating, “I wanted to make a more colorful, feel-good album because I felt like my last two albums were pretty dark. Of course, between the election and the intense political and social climate, it was hard for me to stay on that feel-good vibe.”

“FEVER” offers a fusion of funk, electronic, soul, rock, and hip-hop genre-bending instrumentals under Black Milk’s mind-bending lyrics. To accompany the release of the album, Black Milk shares the fascinating video for “Laugh Now Cry Later.” The visual is co-directed by Black Milk himself who shows u a glimpse into a-day-in-the-lives of a young couple trapped in a social media bubble which brings uninformed opinions, “internet activism” and click-bait headlines into question, as well as our abilities to truly affect social progress offline.The song examines the mental and emotional tug of war within social media where issues tug at their emotions but ultimately fail to evoke action.

Black Milk told NPR, who debuted the music video, “we directed the characters in a way that could leave the viewer to wonder if they’re real people or not.” He continued by saying,”aside from the content of the song and the ‘dialogue,’ the stillness of the characters is another dimension to consider. Are they humans in a robot-like state or are they robots mimicking human behavior?”

You can stream the album and check out the music video below.