Bodega Expands With New Los Angeles Store

Bodega Expands With New Los Angeles Store

“Hidden In Plain Sight”

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posted by at Mar 8, 2018 at 12:14 pm
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Bodega company opens it’s second store in Downtown Los Angeles. It is specifically located at the ROW DTLA. The new location has 8,000 square foot space.

“We approached the design of the store as installation art – where the sensation of discovery overcomes the individual. That journey of discovery gives context to the fashion collections and has also made us a beacon for those interested in fashion & counterculture,” said founding partner Oliver Mak.

The Bodega store is a leading destination for curated footwear, apparel, and accessories from over 100 brands. Check out the new location!

1320 E. Seventh St. Suite 150 @ The ROW
Los Angeles, CA 90069