Chanel Unveils Stainless Steel CODE COCO Watch

Chanel Unveils Stainless Steel CODE COCO Watch

Retailing $956,000

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posted by at Oct 4, 2017 at 3:51 pm
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As anticipation builds for Chanel’s colette take over later this month, the French fashion label has now revealed its latest watch release. Dubbed the CODE COCO, the watch is inspired by the brand’s classic Chanel 2.55 purse and is available either with or without a diamond-set bezel.

Other features of the watch include a 38.1 x 21.5 mm black lacquered dial with a high-precision quartz movement sitting underneath. This dial also features a rotating metal bar which can be set in two positions: one that exposes the time and another that conceals it.

The CODE COCO watch is priced at $5,000 USD for the plain stainless steel option, or $9,100 USD for the version with a diamond-set bezel. There is also a version that comes in white gold and is entirely encrusted with diamonds, but that watch is strictly limited to five pieces in the world and is priced at $956,000 USD.