Counting Down Three Producers & Eight Artists Gucci Mane Has had an Impact On For His 38th Birthday

Counting Down Three Producers & Eight Artists Gucci Mane Has had an Impact On For His 38th Birthday

“Gucci Mane get cake, it’s my birthday party!”

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February 12th is the birthday of one of the most notorious rappers in the game, Gucci Mane. In celebration of his “Burrrthday,” Gucci has rightfully named the holiday #NationalGuwopDay and honestly, it couldn’t be more fitting.

“The East Atlanta Santa” made his return back home after serving 39 months in jail for an illegal firearm possession charge and ever since then he’s been non-stop dropping numerous albums and projects, publishing a book and currently completing another one, and he’s even talking about producing a biopic of his own life!

Radric Davis helped paved the way for the the new wave of rappers and sonics you are currently hearing within Hip-Hop music. So in honor of his 38th birthday here is a list of three producers and eight artists that have been helped by La Flare along the way.


Without no Gucci Mane there would essentially be no Zaytoven. The producer known to have curated the “trap” sound, has been with Gucci since the beginning helping to create the rapper’s breakthrough record “Icy” with Young Jeezy. From there he showed up on just about every project La Flare released, and believe me that is quite a bit of records.

Before Gucci Mane, Mike Will had not “Made-It” yet. Gucci ended up giving him his moniker after the two linked up on “Star Status” when he rapped “Mike WiLL Made It, Gucci Mane slayed it.” They even collaborated on a whole project together back in 2007 entitled “No Pad, No Pencil” and eventually got him an in with Future. His start with Wop made him reputable with other artists, landing him his first Billboard hit with Meek Mill’s “Tupac’s Back” off of his Maybach Music Group’s compilation album, Self Made Vol. 1.

Metro Boomin
Metro Boomin got his start working with OJ The Juiceman, eventually catching Gucci’s ear. Metro spent some time in the Gucci’s Brick Factory studio, where he eventually linked up with Young Thug. Gucci and Metro released their collaborative effort “Droptopwop” last May, a project the producer says was only 10 songs because he fell asleep in the studio.


Waka Flocka Flame
Although he might not admit it now, the first time anybody heard of Waka was because of La Flare. Introduced to GuWop through his mother, and founder of Mizay Entertainment, Deb Antney, Waka spent a lot of time learning from Gucci, but it was actually the desperation his family faced when Wop was in jail that got him in the studio. The lack of cash flow that resulted from Gucci’s absence forced Waka into his first hit, “O Let’s Do It”, and by the time Gucci was released, it actually helped him jump right back into regional stardom.

Young Thug
Teaming with GuWop, in what would prove to be a complicated label situation, Thugger was able to take his career to the next level, releasing 1017 Thug, which carried his name nationwide, and set him up for the success of his singles, “Stoner” and “Danny Glover.”

Rich Homie Quan
Hubwav was recently able to catch up with Rich Homie Quan for our first segment of “Talking Over Tacos” with our host Melissa Ochoa where the two discussed everything from his new music to why the rapper thinks Taco Bell is what a real taco is. However, before all that, Quan was on the Gucci’s 2013 project, “Trap House 3.” RHQ’s raspy hooks appeared on three of the album’s tracks, proving Gucci heard something in him long before anybody else did.

Fetty Wap
Fetty Wap’s entry into music, his work ethic, even his rap pseudonym, can all be attributed to GuWop. His very first interview with a major publication, XXL’s The Break in 2014, the Paterson, N.J. native listed Gucci Mane as his Number 1 influence.

“Bando” caught La Flare’s ear early on, and it wasn’t long before he called up Migos and got them in for a session. While no official paperwork was ever done, it seemed GuWop helped the trio in a similar way he did his own Brick Squad artists. The trio has gone on to collaborate with Gucci on “I Get The Bag” off of “Mr. Davis” which scored Wop his first Lead Top 10 on the Hot Rap Charts since 2010.

Chief Keef
Although there is no denying that the drill rapper helped pave a movement on his own when he started losing his momentum after “Finally Rich,” Gucci stepped in to help out. Most of what we heard from the two ended up being some studio sessions released while Gucci was behind bars.

21 Savage
Like many rappers from Atlanta, 21 Savage looks up to Gucci Mane. “He opened up a lane for street niggas to rap from East Atlanta, so that’s why I salute Gucci,” he said in an interview with Hot New Hip Hop. The two have collaborated on “Peepin” alongside Playboy Carti

Lil Pump
Last month, Lil Pump made it clear about what it would take to bring an end to his current status as a free agent. If you ain’t got 15 [million] don’t talk to me, bitch, at all,” he told TMZ. ”I don’t want no meeting unless you talking 15 and up.” As XXL reports, several videos have emerged of Pump rocking a new 1017 chain hinting his newfound allegiance to Gucci Mane’s imprint 1017 Eskimo Records. Although no official details have been released, this would be a huge power move on Gucci’s behalf if he were to take one of the youngest and hottest acts in the game right now under his wing.