The Fashion Industry Launches The “Knot On My Planet” Campaign

The Fashion Industry Launches The “Knot On My Planet” Campaign

“An elephant never forgets”

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Elephants are one of the most fascinating and smart creatures in our planet. Unfortunately, the numbers of elephants are becoming extinct due to hunters poaching them for their ivory tusks. Now, the fashion industry is stepping up to make a change. The “Knot On My Planet” campaign launched at New York Fashion Week, which supports and focuses on saving elephants. Celebrities, models, and fashion designers are becoming part of the campaign by posting images and videos of knots to raise awareness. There’s also a clip featuring model, Doutzen Kroes lending her voice to put an end to the ivory crisis and elephant extinction. The fundraising goal for the “Knot On My Planet” is $15 million and the money is used to end trafficking, poaching and the demand for ivory. Saving elephants and becoming a hero for global issues just became chic.

Checkout the video below:

Checkout these models tweeting and supporting #KnotOnMyPlanet:

Photograph Via Vanity Fair