Fast Food Restaurants With The Best Cheddar Fries

Fast Food Restaurants With The Best Cheddar Fries

Happy National Cheddar Fries Day!

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posted by at Apr 20, 2018 at 12:57 pm
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Every french fry lover favorite day is here, national cheddar fries day, that is. Who doesn’t like cheese fries right? Yes, we all love loaded fries but we can never go wrong with a simple order of cheese fries. Whether you order a side of cheese fries for your burger or as the meal itself, cheddar fries always do the job. So, now let me tell you about a few fast food restaurants you probably didn’t know have some bomb cheese fries.

1. Jack in the Box

I know what you’re thinking. Jack in the Box? What? Their cheddar potato wedges are actually pretty damn good. They’re topped with bits of bacon which gives the cheddar potato wedges some extra flavor.

2. In-N-Out

Are you really from California if you don’t love In-N-Out? I think not. I’m sure you’ve all had In-N-Out’s famous “animal style” fries. Well, their cheese (cheddar) fries are also a good pick.

3. Shake Shack

If you like crinkle cut fries over wedges and regular fries, you definitely have to try out Shake Shack’s cheese fries.

4. Dog Haus

If you like tater tots over fries, you need to try the cheese tater tots from Dog Haus’ during your next visit. Don’t worry, if you stick to fries and you’re a regular at Dog Haus, cheese fries are also available.

5. Taco Bell

I know what you’re thinking again. Since when does Taco Bell serve fries? Well, to be honest, I don’t know either. But I will tell you this when I tried them I was a bit skeptical since I don’t eat at Taco Bell, but they blew my mind because they were actually pretty damn tasty. A cool thing about their nacho fries is that the cheese comes on the side so you can dip them in the cheese yourself and put as much as you want on them.

6. Wingstop

I don’t know about you but I have to have fries when I go eat wings. If you haven’t tried Wingstop’s cheese fries, it’s about time you do next time you stop by. I can assure you they’re better than you might think. Of course, you don’t have to add jalapeños to your order like seen in the photo below but if you love spicy as much as I do, I recommend it.

7. Fat Sal’s

Yes, everyone goes to Fat Sal’s for the buffalo chicken cheese fries, I mean I do too. But if you’re ever in the mood for something less filling, you can always get their regular cheese fries which are pictured below. They’re honestly just as good!