Dream Up with Mando Fresko and Delta

Dream Up with Mando Fresko and Delta

Happy Father’s Day

Hubwav Staff
posted by at Jun 18, 2017 at 2:32 pm
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We teamed up with Delta to share a token of inspiration from our founder Mando Fresko and his father on Father’s Day. Being a father is not something you’re born into, it’s something you become. It is not something that’s connected with blood, it’s shared through love and character. Mando gives us a glimpse into his personal life. He opens up his family’s home as him and his father share a meal over the dinner table and go over a photo booth album of each other’s journey.

We produced the entire project and could not be prouder of the way this turned out. To all the father’s and mother’s who play both roles, this one’s for you.

Mando gets personal when speaking about his father acknowledging that he is his biggest role model and he has every reason to be as Mr. Armando Ponce came to the United States with nothing more than a dream that soon turned into a reality. Mr. Ponce shared his journey from being a Mexican immigrant to a successful entrepreneur – the American dream. Watching Mr. Ponce’s work ethic inspired Mando to dream big and dream up!

In the world we live in today, it’s difficult for parents to understand the ever changing careers and Mr. Ponce admitted to that being one of his biggest concerns with the career his son chose. He then went on to speak on the pivotal moment that really made him understand it and be even more supportive of it than he already was. Both father and son end the emotional video sharing their current successful entrepreneur status as well as talk about future plans. Dream Up, everyone.