First Date Guidelines in 2017

First Date Guidelines in 2017

Don’t know where to take her, we got you!

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Perhaps one of the most stressful parts of setting up a first date is coming up with a place that is date worthy but also doesn’t scream desperation. Sure you can take them to the typical coffee joint or that fancy restaurant, but if you really want to make an impression, take some of these into consideration.

But before we tell you where to take that special someone here’s a piece of advice to make it the perfect first date. Do your research. Yes, that’s right we recommend you stalk them. We are currently living in a digital age and if you want to know the basics about the person you’re going on a date with check their Instagram. You can find posts about their interests, family, and more importantly if they’re a catfish. Instagram may not give you a lot to work with but it touches the surface, just make sure not to accidentally like anything. We repeat, don’t double tap! Now that we got some stalking done, time to take them out. Our list of first date destinations are attached with some more tips you should note for a guaranteed fun night.

1. Bowling / Arcades
Yeah you’re probably not 15 years old anymore, but it’s always fun to play pretend and forget about the stress from our daily lives every once in awhile. This one will take the “first date” stress away and you’re both bound to have a good time!

Our tip: But guys please don’t forget to be gentlemen. Bowling can get competitive, so don’t rub it in that you’re a pro. Don’t be a douchebag let the teasing be playful and flirty. This can also be applied to any kind of arcade game or sport; let her win, she’ll think you’re sweet.

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2. A Drive-In Movie
If you feel like you’re both comfortable enough for a more intimate setting, don’t settle for the typical movie theatre, switch it up and take them to a drive-in.

Our tip: Keep in mind that drive-in movies don’t usually sell food so bring snacks. Planning ahead is romantic, it shows how serious you’re taking the date. Plus we’ll let you in on a secret, you can sneak in booze. With the privacy of your own car, you’re guaranteed to make sure you get to know your date on a more personal level.

Surprise dates > #driveinmovie

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3. Take them to the Santa Monica Pier
Be cutesy all you want while taking a ride on the ferris wheel, win your date a stuffed animal, and get to know them over some ice cream.

Our tip: Please make sure your date does not have a fear of heights before forcing them on rides, and no we don’t mean your lap. Also keep in mind that taking pictures on the first date is also plus but don’t go live just to get your ex jealous.

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4. If you’re both music fans, take them to a record store.
Sharing music is a form of intimacy, and there’s also a bunch of record stores in the Los Angeles area. If your date lives and breathes music, this is the perfect way for you to get to know each other.

Our tip: But don’t forget to take notes. Try to remember some of their favorite artists or songs and make a personalized playlist for them. It’s the little things that count.

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5. Griffith Observatory
The Griffith Observatory is a tourist attraction and an unconventional first date spot. With astrological exhibits and attractions for the day time, spend a your night under the stars. Take it a step further and look for constellations together.

Our tip: Heads up, spending the whole day at a museum may be get a little awkward or even boring but don’t pull out your phone to check your feed. Let the silence sit and enjoy the view, the star may be sitting right in front of you.

More importantly, pay for the first date. The hubwav team has come come to a unanimous decision that no matter the occasion the guy should pay for the first date. If you can’t invest in a date don’t bother asking her out.