Flirting: 90s vs 2017

Flirting: 90s vs 2017

Oh, how the times have changed.

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posted by at Jun 8, 2017 at 3:26 pm
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As millennials, we live in a world of all things digital. With the times progressing, I thought it would be fun to compare 6 ways people showed interest before spamming your Instagram with likes.

THEN: Writing them a letter, yes handwritten.
NOW: Sliding in them DMs.

THEN: Waiting at their doorstep for date night, with flowers.
NOW: Texting “I’m outside.” lol

THEN: Passing them a note in class and hoping the teacher never caught you two.
NOW: Subtweeting “My phone sooo dry rn 😩” and hoping they catch on.

THEN: Making them a mixtape was the cute thing to do, it showed your music taste was on point .👏
NOW: You either link them to your Spotify or Soundcloud because it’s easier and it takes less effort.

THEN: You would ask mutual friends things about them, (what are their interests? How many ex’s do they have?) you know, all the essential questions.
NOW: Peeping their Twitter, Instagram, Facebook for all the info, gotta make sure they’re not a weirdo. Ten minutes into lurking and you find yourself on their sister’s baby daddy’s profile page.

THEN: People actually went to the movies, like on a date. Or took a trip to the local movie store to pick out a movie you’d both enjoy.
NOW: NETFLIX, duh. Netflix is easy and comfortable for both of you. You’re able to get to know each other in the comfort of either’s home.

With these things being listed, keep an open mind and remember that people still appreciate the old school stuff, something as simple as opening the door for your girl and calling her up on the phone can go a long way.

Photograph via Shout It Out Design and Evoke Gifs via GIPHY