Halloween Party Drinking Games

Halloween Party Drinking Games

Time to party🍻 👻 🎃

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The only holiday on our mind since the 4th of July is just a few days away, and although Halloween falls on a Monday this year, that just gives us more time to party over the weekend until the actual day is upon us. The celebrations are sure to kick off on thirsty Thursday – giving you the whole weekend to go hard and here at Hubwav we have come up with some drinking games you can TU to and make your Halloween that much more memorable (or not, depending on how well you play).

1. Shot gun a beer for every zombie you see
Shoot out the brain eaters, but watch out for an inflated stomach if you go overboard.


2. Take 1 shot for every girl dressed as Harley Quinn
Ok. . . we’re not trying to send anyone here to the hospital from getting alcohol poisoning so proceed with caution.


3. Take 2 shots for every girl that shouldn’t be dressed as Harley Quinn.
If you’re gonna do it, do it right ladies (and gentlemen). Follow that tutorial closely.


4. Make a mixed drink of whatever is available whenever a group of friends appear with a costume theme
Squads show up thinking they’ve got the best team and costumes, but sometimes not everyone is coordinated. Drink up when you see them walk through the door.


5. Fireball shot whenever you hear a scared scream
Doesn’t matter if it’s you who let that yelp out, the burning sensation from the screaming will be soothed by the whiskey. . . or will it?


6. Beer roulette
Play this will the people whose costume consists of added animal ears. Hopefully someone dressed as a cat isn’t the one sprayed.


7. BP Tournament with opposing squad costumes
If you’ve never seen a drunk encounter between a group of people dressed up as Marvel characters play against those in DC costumes during an intense beer pong tournament, what kind of Halloween are you having? Not the type we want to experience, that’s for sure.


Halloween is one of the most fun celebrations, but be sure to be responsible! And for heaven’s sake do not drink and drive. You really wanna go out wearing a booboo Joker costume? Let us know how your festivities go by tweeting us @ Hubwav

Photograph Via The Tab