Happy 46th Birthday Shaquille O’Neal

Happy 46th Birthday Shaquille O’Neal

The best of Big Diesel!

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When it comes to stacking the resumes of basketball players on and off the court, there are few who can compare to Shaquille O’Neal. Big Diesel is a man of many hats who has done movies, television, music, video games, and sneakers among other trades he has picked up along the way. His colorful personality has took the NBA to new heights and so in honor of his 46th birthday, we have decided to take a look at 5 of his most iconic moments.

1. Shaq Breaks His First Backboard

The 7’1″ giant had incredible power at a very young age. Shaq took down two backboards in his rookie season alone. This one against the New Jersey Nets along with many more to come. The move was so iconic it became synonymous with Shaq across his 20 seasons in the league.

2. The Debut of Shaq Desel

His debut album in 1993 under Jive Records entitled “Shaq Diesel” went certified platinum and peaked at number 25 on the Billboard 200. Shaq strategically collaborated with some of the most elite producers of the era such as RZA and Ali Shaheed Mohammud of A Tribe Called Quest. Most notably, how many basketball players let alone rappers can say they got a guest feature from The Notorious B.I.G?

3. Shaqs Business Ventures

The NBA Hall of Famer is reportedly worth over $400 million.He has sold over $150 million of his Dunkman sneakers. He is also an investor in Google and owns 150+ Five Guys restaurants. He used to have a soda named after him.

4. Shaq stars as “Steel”

Already a star on the court, Shaq easily transitioned to a star on big screen as well where he starred as DC Comics Steel in 1997. He stars as John Henry Irons and his alter-ego Steel, Annabeth Gish as his wheelchair-using partner Susan Sparks, and Judd Nelson as their rival Nathaniel Burke. The plot centers on an accident caused by Burke which leaves Sparks paralyzed. The accident results in Irons quitting his job. Burke begins mass-producing weapons and selling them to criminals. In order to stop Burke, Irons and Sparks create a suit of armor that leads Irons to become the superhero Steel.

5. The Long Awaited Shaq & Kobe Reunion

The Shaq narrative will forever be linked with Kobe Bryant and the duo’s time in Los Angeles, as they created one of the best inside-outside punches in NBA history with a petty feud that lasted a little too long. When the two finally sat down during the Players Only special on NBA on TNT, it was awesome to see the two talk about their time together as they shared some laughs and deep opinions about some of these laughable arguments and disagreements.