Hi-Tone Visits Sway In The Morning & Spits a Freestyle

Hi-Tone Visits Sway In The Morning & Spits a Freestyle

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Rapper, Hi-Tone visited ‘Sway in the Morning‘ to talk about life, music and went on to give us a freestyle to remember. That’s not all, his new project titled “NXN” is available now.


The West Covina-native talked highly about his hometown and represented it all the way up. He also mentioned his tattoo shop called ‘Top of the Food Chain‘ where he is a tattoo artist. If you’re in West Covina and in need of a tattoo, Hi-Tone could be inking you next.

During the interview, a questioned hit home for the rapper when Sway asked, “what do you think when you hear a generation of artists promoting the use of drugs, recreationally, for everything?” Hi-Tone said, “That’s what you call selling your soul.” He went on to disagree on the Drake verse that dissed Kid Cudi. “One wrong thing to that person, bro can really put them over that edge,” said the West Covina rapper.

Before the interview ended, Hi-Tone spits a freestyle that had everyone’s jaw dropped in the studio. “Everybody eating Mexican food, but they don’t want to hear the Mexican dude,” raps Hi-Town. The rapper gave out positive messages throughout the interview that had many supporting him.

Checkout Hi-Tone’s full interview and freestyle below:

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