Jury Orders Travis Scott to  Pay $400K in Lawsuit

Jury Orders Travis Scott to Pay $400K in Lawsuit

Chump change?

Sandy Chavez
posted by at Apr 18, 2019 at 8:32 pm
editor at hubwav

Travis Scott is on top of his game, but not when it comes to legal matters. The rapper was ordered to pay back almost $400 thousand dollars after failing to appear at a planned performance. Travis’ attorney told TMZ, “The jury verdict of $383 thousand is disappointing, but far less than the seven figure demands made by the promoters. We believe the verdict will be substantially reduced or overturned in subsequent proceedings.”

Scott failed to perform at at Myth Live in Minnesota, during this year’s Super Bowl weekend. The reason he canceled was due to weather and logistic problems, according to TMZ. The rapper later tried to countersuit the promoting company for the $50 thousand dollars he was still owed.