Kevin Durant Shines in Game 3 Win Over The Clippers

Kevin Durant Shines in Game 3 Win Over The Clippers

Did the Clippers’ luck run out?

Alex Gomez
posted by at Apr 19, 2019 at 10:34 am
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The Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Clippers played their game three matchup Thursday night. As game three approached, the Clippers still had every media outlet speaking about their game two comeback over the Warriors.

The biggest headline between game two and three was the play of Kevin Durant. Durant said that the Clippers messed with their ball movement making them take shots they normally don’t take. However, Thursday night Durant fought off the demons from Monday night, coming back with a strong performance, scoring a game high of 38 points.

After the game, reporters asked Coach Steve Kerr about his performance, “He showed everybody who Kevin Durant is.” The Clippers tried throwing every type of defense at Durant but it did not seem like anything was working. Clippers guard Lou Willams felt the same saying, “He’s a top-three player in this league.” Williams continued with stating, “He made those statements with confidence, you know. He plays at a high level. We expected that.”

The Warriors have taken back control of the series leading the Clippers with a 2-1 victory. Check out the highlights from Thursday night’s game via House of Highlights.