Lil Wayne’s New Album is Coming Soon

Lil Wayne’s New Album is Coming Soon

Are you picking the Lil Wayne or Blink 182 CD?

Sandy Chavez
posted by at May 9, 2019 at 11:10 am
editor at hubwav

Lil Wayne’s new album is on its way. The news has been confirmed online through the Ticketmaster website. Fans who are buying tickets to the Blink 182 and Lil Wayne concert are greeted with a pop-up advertisement. The ad says ticket purchases come with the choice of a Blink 182 or Lil Wayne CD. For fans that have been speculating, this could be the reason he’s been posting a lot of coffin emoji’s over social media.

Photo: Ticketmaster

On the other hand, Blink 182 has confirmed their album is also to be expected.