Matthew McConaughey To Star In ‘Spring Breakers’ Sequel

Matthew McConaughey To Star In ‘Spring Breakers’ Sequel

Let’s hope James Franco makes an appearance in this one.

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Harmony Korine is known for his controversial cult film classics such as ‘Kids’, and more recently “Spring Breakers” released back in 2012. The first news of a potential “Spring Breakers” sequel was dropped a while ago, however, none of the original cast members were involved, urging star James Franco to express that the project would be “a horrible film.” That idea died shortly after. Earlier this year, there was an announcement surfaced that producers would be working on a web series based off of the movie, but never seemed to happen. After such projects allegedly “shelved,” a sequel is finally in the works and starring none other than Matthew McConaughey. Titled “The Beach Bum,” Korine plans to have the movie take place in a similar setting as the first movie.

Highsnobiety reports that although there isn’t much info on the project as of right now. However, VICE and production company Neon have already signed on to buy the U.S rights. “The Beach Bum” will be releasing in 2018.

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