McDonald’s in Lynwood Flips It’s Sign in Support of International Women’s Day

McDonald’s in Lynwood Flips It’s Sign in Support of International Women’s Day

Gotta love that they’re doing it for all the ladies!

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posted by at Mar 7, 2018 at 2:21 pm
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Besides Wendy’s ongoing petty feud with McDonald’s on Twitter about the lack of quality meat they serve, McDonald’s is actually doing something positive instead of partaking in the beef, get it? Yeah I didn’t either.

The giant arches were physically flipped at just one California restaurant, in Lynwood. But on Thursday, International Women’s Day, upside-down arches will replace right side-up arches across McDonald’s digital channels.

“For the first time in our brand history, we flipped our iconic arches for International Women’s Day in honor of the extraordinary accomplishments of women everywhere and especially in our restaurants,” McDonald’s Chief Diversity Officer Wendy Lewis said in a statement.

In recent years, companies have started using International Women’s Day to broadcast their views on gender equality and a compelling marketing strategy that is sure to attract more people in. When companies see high-profile campaigns that get some traction and get some discussion, they are very quick to do the same. For example, Johnnie Walker released a ‘Jane Walker’ bottle, donating $1 per bottle toward charities benefiting women. Brawny launched a ‘Strength Knows No Gender’ campaign, replacing the Brawny Man with women and donating $100,000 to Girls, Inc., a nonprofit that helps young women learn leadership and financial skills.

Although McDonald’s has not announced plans to donate to any notable charities and this is more than likely just a marketing ploy to get people to buy into their products, it’s good to see big name companies participating in the discussion of women’s equality in the workforce.