Meek Mill Speaks Out from Prison in New Investigative Interview

Meek Mill Speaks Out from Prison in New Investigative Interview


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Meek Mill is awaiting an April appeal in a probation case that’s captured national attention. The maddening injustices at the heart of the ongoing Meek Mill case are looked through in extensive detail in a new investigative piece for Rolling Stone. The article also includes comments from Meek himself as he looks towards freedom.

Following Meek’s widely contested sentence at the hands of Genece Brinkley, multiple reports have flooded about the questionable tactics by the judge. Brinkley is said to have committed “acts unbefitting her office,” dating back at least 15 years. A Philadelphia area attorney said Brinkley has a pattern of sending young black men to jail for trivial reasons after already hitting them with excessive probations.

Still, hopes are high that he will be granted freedom after news broke that Reginald Graham, the arresting officer and sole witness in Meek’s 2007 gun and drug case, is on a list of people that the Philadelphia DA’s office feel are unfit to testify. Graham testified that he saw Meek serving a confidential informant crack at 4:45 PM on January 23rd, 2007. Meek says he never sold crack. His family also denies the claim and allege one crucial point: he was nowhere near where ex-Officer Graham said he was.

Despite his rough circumstance, Meek is hanging in there all without one major thing that tends to makes or break many people behind bars, visits from family.

“I won’t let [my family] come,” Meek told Rolling Stone, who only lets his legal team and “a few friends” visit him in prison. “If they see me like this—fucked-up beard, hair all ganked—then it’s like I’m really in here. Which I’m not.”

Once this ordeal is resolved, Meek hopes to address these injustices directly stating “I want to speak on this system and what it does to black people,” he said. “On both fucking sides of the fence.”