Must-Have Gadgets for Your EDC Under $25

Must-Have Gadgets for Your EDC Under $25

Don’t clutter your pockets with over excessive items! Get the latest and most necessary here!

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Our every day lives consists of many items, but how many of them do we even need? We went ahead and shortened the items you need on your person and made sure you could get them on the cheap. Check out our must-have gadgets under $25 and let us know which made your list.

You never know when you need a good light. Whether you’re using it as a flash for photos or searching for something you dropped under the seat, a good flashlight would come in handy.
Anker Bolder – $12.99

House keys for your place and your best friends, one for the office and one for your bike lock. Your keys add up and start to become a clutter, keep the mess a bit tidier with a proper keychain.
KeySmart Lite – $16.99

The evolution from cash to card has made it easier to keep your currency closer and more protected. We still like to keep our credit cards and Disneyland annual passes organized. A neat wallet with hidden compartments and comfort are great to keep in the back pocket. The Charlie Card is perfect for all of that.
Herschel Supply Co. Men’s Charlie Card Holder Wallet – $14.98

We always want to be listening to that hot new music, so we gotta stay with the best headphones. Also, a pair that’ll give us easy access to changing tracks and answer phone calls. Skullcandy has a wide variety of selections in headphones, but the INK’D 2 are one of the best and at an affordable price.
Skullcandy INK’D 2 – $20.99

If it isn’t our hair, it’s our beard. If it isn’t our beard, it’s our hair. Something is always a mess. It’s best to keep ourselves well groomed and looking sharp. A nice comb that’ll work on both our head and facial hair is something we should keep in handy at all times. This comb is super compact that you can even slip it into your wallet, super convenient!
Go-Comb’s Wallet Comb – $15.99

Bottle Opener
You’re at a party and somebody just brought beer. One thing, nobody has a way of opening them and you darn sure shouldn’t be using your teeth. That’s when you save the festivities from being a total bummer by pulling out this compact bottle opener and serving all the drinks. It even comes in a key shaped form so you can attach it to your keychain organizer.

Battery Pack
We’re constantly on our phone draining batteries while updating our Snapchat story or keeping up with all the latest and greatest news at so what do we do when it’s barely noon and you’re looking at the 25% battery on your iPhone? Pull out this neat compact battery charger!
Anker PowerCore – $23.99

We don’t want to misplace anything on this list. For that, you’ll need something small and subtle that you can use to keep updated on where your products are. Tile was originally a Kickstarter-funded project that now has expanded to a variety of projects. The Tile is perfect to slip into your wallet, attach to your keychain or paste to the back of your battery pack.
Tile Mate – $25.99

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