New HBO Series ‘Problem Areas’ First Look

New HBO Series ‘Problem Areas’ First Look

Wyatt Cenac steps out on his own in new HBO series

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posted by at Mar 9, 2018 at 10:17 pm
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HBO has a new late-night series starring Wyatt Cenac, best known for his work as a writer and correspondent on Daily Show. The series is described as a comedy docu-series examining present-day social and cultural issues. I know you’re thinking this sounds eerily similar to Daily Show. Similar to the aforementioned the 30 minutes series will feature in-studio commentary, however, Problem Areas will have documentary-style field reports in multiple locations.

Cenac talks about the series in the trailer saying “Just think of everybody’s problems. The wealth gap’s getting bigger; that’s a problem. California’s running out water; that’s a problem. My lip muscles are incredibly weak, which means I can rarely smile; that’s a problem. My droopy eyelids … I don’t really know how to fix that one for you, Denise,”. He goes on to say “Everyone can point out the problems, but what happens when you start brainstorming some answers? Like, maybe, I can get a personal trainer for my lips.”

Check out the full trailer below: