The New Sonos “One” Speaker Comes Integrated With Amazon’s Alexa

The New Sonos “One” Speaker Comes Integrated With Amazon’s Alexa

Talk about an all-in-one.

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posted by at Oct 4, 2017 at 12:44 pm
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This fall, Sonos will release a new home speaker, the One. In the same vein as Sonos’ Play:1 design, it offers minimalistic looks and network connectivity, but this iteration boasts a highly desirable feature; it can be controlled entirely through voice connectivity.

Owners will be able to access Alexa and the bevy of voice commands inherent to Amazon‘s voice-controlled assistant, with Google Assistant support following in 2018. Sonos intends to produce a true do-it-all unit, aiming for compatibility with all smart home devices. Alexa already works with a variety of apps, such as music players like Amazon Music, Pandora and iHeartRadio, with Spotify coming “soon” after launch, according to Sonos. The system also includes a privacy measure; a light on top of the speaker is hardwired to the mic. When the mic is in use, the light turns on to let users know when the device is or isn’t listening.

The One retails for $199 USD. Pre-orders are open now, with the official launch set for October 24.