Most Nostalgic Horror Movies of All Time

Most Nostalgic Horror Movies of All Time

Don’t be scurrrred, it’s only a movie.

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It’s that time of year, where Horror movie lovers get to happily binge watch without looking like complete psychopaths. Unfortunately watching horror movies 24/7 is frowned upon by society, but Halloween season is our time! This is a Judgement free zone. When it comes to horror movies it can be tough to pick the right fright to satisfy your horror mood. Whether you are looking for a good slasher film, paranormal action, or spine chilling based on true events, we have you covered. So pop some popcorn, grab the candy, snuggle up in your favorite PJs, and get ready to watch some of the most memorable Horror movies ever created.

Summary: An actress visiting Washington, D.C., takes notice to the dramatic and dangerous changes in the behavior of her 12-year-old daughter. As the daughter’s situation reaches levels that cause extreme concern, she has to be tied to her bed due to her extremely strange behavior. They turn to a Roman Catholic priest and psychiatrist to see if an exorcism might be the solution.
Scare Level:  7.5

Summary:A man, his son, and wife become the winter caretakers of an isolated hotel. The son begins to see disturbing visions of the hotel’s past using a telepathic gift known as “The Shining”. The evil and spiritual presence that reside in the hotel influences the father into violence that causes him to have a complete mental breakdown. Eventually this Breakdown turns the husband homicidal, leaving the son and the mother in a position to fight off their possessed loved one.
Scare Level: 7

Summary: Two teens and their three friends heading through the back roads of Texas to visit their late grandfathers grave encounter a thread of unpleasant encounters along the way to their destination.The group is forced to stop & wander over to a nearby house, but what they are unaware of is that this is the home of the ghoulish Leatherface (Hansen) and his evil, demented family of cannibalistic psychopaths. One at a time, the teens are murdered by the evil Leatherface in horrifying ways.
Scare Level: 8

Summary:A young ordinary family is visited by ghosts in their suburban home. At first glance the ghosts appear friendly,by moving objects around to the amusement of everyone, but then they become aggressive and start to terrorise the family. The ghost horrify the family with angry trees, murderous dolls, and abduct the youngest child into their ghostly realm.
Scare Level: 5

Summary: When a very rich collector of unique things dies, he leaves it all to his nephew. The generous uncle grants the nephew and his two kids with the house, his fortune, and his murderous collection of ghosts. The glass house that the uncle built had been a prison for his collection of ghosts, and now the Nephew and his family have to fight or their freedom in order to escape the maze of malicious ghosts.
Scare Level: 7

Summary: A year after her mother’s death, Sydney and her friends start experiencing strange phone calls that is suspected to be from a deranged serial killer. A white faced mask and a large black robe, is haunting the town of Woodsboro, killing teens left and right for sport. His hunt always starts with a phone call asking,”what’s your favorite scary movie”, which always ends in the bloody carnage of innocent lives.
Scare Level: 5

Summary: In the year of 1963, Mike Myers stabbed his 15 year-old sister to death. He was institutionalized and according to his doctor deemed him the personification of evil.15 years later, the day before halloween, Myers escape and heads for his home town. Michael begins to go on a killing spree, in the midst of stalking 3 teen girls with one of them being his long lost younger sister.
Scare Level: 5.5

Summary:An extremely powerful virus is released from a British research facility. Transmitted by merely a drop of blood, it can cause devastation within a matter of seconds. Those who are affected by the virus are put into a permanent state of murderous rage (AKA ZOMBIES). Within 28 days the country is in total chaos and only a handful of survivors are left,being forced to find was to salvage what little humanity is left.
Scare Level: 8.5

Summary: This movie series follows the story and torment of mastermind killer Jigsaw, who seeks pleasure in punishing those who he feels aren’t worthy to live. Jigsaw strategically picks his prey and puts them through the most gory and traumatizing experiences ever imagined, while testing the limits on how much they really value to live. Most of his victims fail his test, and only a select few are capable of making it out of Jigsaw’s demented fun house of pain.
Scare Level: 8

Summary: In the 1980’s, a psychopath, Freddy Krueger, murdered several children. Krueger is then burned alive in the boiler room by an angry mob of the parents whose children murdered. Many years after his death, the children have been experiencing terrifying nightmares involving Freddy Krueger. They soon realize that if they are harmed in their dream then they experience that same harm in real life, and thus prompts the teens to either never sleep or fight for their lives!
Scare Level: 8