Oddly Satisfying Videos

Oddly Satisfying Videos

Watch it again and again.

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We all probably spend more time on the internet than we really should. Sometimes we sit there watching a super weird video and think “How did I get here?” Whether you’re on YouTube or Instagram one video leads to another. The question is how exactly did you end up on Dr. Pimple Popper’s Instagram page. We all have our guilty pleasures and oddly satisfying videos are definitely it. Brace yourselves Hubwav came up with a list of our favorites oddly satisfying videos.

With over 2 million followers we had to make Dr. Pimple Popper our number one. This dermatologist literally pops pimples for a living. There’s something weirdly magical in puss popping out making a pimple deflate.

Pop. Lock. Drop. #drpimplepopper

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This barber uses Instagram to show how he’s perfected his craft. His shop takes haircuts to another level with facials, waxing, and extreme precision. He’s even created his own line of products including black and gold masks and wax. We are fascinated by watching people getting their hairs pulled out. The wax doesn’t miss a hair!

Next up is the latest trend the black mask. This mask is said to peel blackheads right out. They’re basically pore strips for your whole face. This compilation gets a perfect zoomed in shot of all the crud being peeled off.

Patterns, perfect fits, and precision is what this Twitter account is all about. Sometimes we only need one tweet before the videos take too much out of our day. Follow them for a hint of satisfaction.

Remember Vine? There was something about those 6 seconds that made videos a hit or miss. The six seconds gave people their shot at fame and succeeded. Although vine did die some of the best videos live on youtube. This one is our absolute favorite with a perfect bar by “Semi” explaining that he can multiply add then multiply calling it “MATH-Mathematics.”

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