ORB Vitamins are the Future of Health and Wellness

ORB Vitamins are the Future of Health and Wellness

New easy and healthy way to take vitamins!

Hubwav Staff
posted by at Aug 21, 2017 at 10:53 am
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ORB, the new wellness company of the future, recently announced their innovative futuristic line of vitamins. ORB’s ‘Terra Intelligent Dosing’ system is the latest change in vitamins and it’s super effective. Exclusive to ORB, this new way of taking vitamins have the nutrients on a time-release to ensure you get the right amount throughout the day.

“We firmly believe that innovation makes wellness better and vitamins have been due for a reinvention. ORB delivers the vitamin performance that modern lifestyles require,” said Matt Hesse, CEO of Corr-Jensen, founder of ORB. “We aren’t afraid of shaking things up and doing things differently, so we created a groundbreaking line of high-tech vitamins that are designed to look as good as they feel.”

The line covers seven key benefits, which include Mental Focus + Mood, Men’s Multi + Fish Oil, Women’s Multi + Fish Oil, Heart Complex, Sleep Complex, Smooth Energy Complex, and Hair Skin Nails + Collagen. All of the vitamins are being sold now on Amazon, GNC and Vitamin World for $40 (60 capsules).