The Original ’90s Pocket Pet, ‘Tamagotchi’ is Back

The Original ’90s Pocket Pet, ‘Tamagotchi’ is Back

90s kids rejoice!

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posted by at Apr 12, 2017 at 1:53 pm
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’90s kids are going to be very excited about this news. Japanese toy company Bandai has brought back the Tamagotchi. The electronic pocket pet was released 20 years ago and gained a huge following in Japan, America, and Europe. The new Tamagotchi will have its typical egg shape and will include all original six pets you would have found in the first Tamagotchi.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the beloved Tamagotchi, we can fill you in. The Tamagotchi is your own virtual pet that lives inside the aforementioned computer. You must keep your pet alive by doing everyday real life pet tasks such as feeding, grooming, and even disciplining your pet who can believe or not act up.

On Amazon today you can find the ’96 Tamagotchi for $130 USD. Lucky for us the 2017 Tamagotchi will be launching for $13.55 in stores in Japan, but we can also go on Amazon Japan and get the Tamagotchi for $18 USD.

Photograph via Hypebeast