Retailers Are Now Banning Customers for Excessive Returns

Retailers Are Now Banning Customers for Excessive Returns

Are you a “serial returner?”

Alicia Dieguez
posted by at Feb 12, 2018 at 3:08 pm
editor at hubwav

We all have that one friend (or family member) who loves to return merchandise–whether it be because it didn’t fit well, they changed their mind, didn’t like the product, etc. Or are you that one friend? Well, your friend(s) or yourself are going to have to put an end to that if you want to continue shopping at some of your favorite stores.

Stores like Best Buy, JCPenney, and Victoria’s Secret are now keeping track of how many times you return your products. According to ABC News, stores are now flagging “serial returners” and banning them from returning. A company called The Retail Equation–whose clients reportedly include Best Buy, Home Depot, JC Penney, Victoria’s Secret, Nike, Bath and Body Works and Sephora–is keeping detailed reports in efforts to stop return fraud. Didn’t know return fraud is a thing? Well, yeah, it is. Apparently, return fraud is actually a $10 billion dollar issue each year. Crazy!

Consumer advocates say that although it is unknown how many returns will trigger a red flag on your name, it’s important to be careful with returns everywhere.

It’s known that when making a return/exchange without a receipt, the sales associate asks to see a valid driver’s license or ID–but sources are saying that some stores are now asking for the same identification even when returning something with your original receipt. Once the associate enters your name, you’re on the national system list.

ABC also reports that stores do not share customer profiles with each other, therefore, too many returns at JCPenney should not get you banned at Best Buy nor any other retailer.