Ryan Coogler and Ava DuVernay Make History with #1 and #2 Box Office Movies

Ryan Coogler and Ava DuVernay Make History with #1 and #2 Box Office Movies

Friends making history

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Directors Ava DuVernay and Ryan Coogler have made history, not just as individuals with their films Black Panther and Wrinkle In Time, but together. This is the first time ever that the #1 and #2 movies in the box office both have African-American directors. This historic moment is even sweeter as the two have given each other’s films so much love and support publically. Coogler even wrote an almost ode to DuVernay on her film, A Wrinkle In Time’s opening weekend.

“Ava DuVernay is someone who makes the impossible look easy. It’s why I feel privileged to call her my big sister. I met her in 2013, but she’s one of those people who you feel like you’ve always known,” Coogler began.While DuVernay was bringing A Wrinkle In Time to the screen, Coogler said he watched while working across the hall on Black Panther. He goes on to say “…My big sister inspired her crew with love and navigated the challenges of studio filmmaking, adapting a book that many people called unfilmable into a movie that explodes with hope, with love, and with women warriors.”Ava responded via Twitter “When your friend makes you tear up on opening day. #WakandaForever #BeaWarrior”

Over the weekend it was announced that Black Panther officially hit $1 billion worldwide. It’s a safe bet that Coogler and DuVernay will claim the first and second slots at this weekend’s box office rankings, with Black Panther taking top spot and A Wrinkle In Time following behind. These two are amazing, maybe one day the world will be graced by a collaboration of these creative minds.