‘Sausage Party’ is Seth Rogen’s R-Rated Animated Film

‘Sausage Party’ is Seth Rogen’s R-Rated Animated Film

This trailer may make you never want to eat again.

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posted by at Mar 15, 2016 at 9:28 am
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Seth Rogen‘s Sausage Party trailer will you have second guessing whether you should take that bite or become friends with it.

Sausage Party is being billed as the first R-rated CG animated movie, according to Independent. It was created by Seth Rogen, who collaborated on the film with long time friend Evan Goldberg. The film has a cast of many famous names like Rogen as hot dog wiener Frank, Kristen Wiig as Frank’s hot dog bun girlfriend, Ed Norton as a bagel, among others.

The trailer starts off like any other innocent animated film, with fun-filled music, big smiles, and bright colors. Then we realize this film isn’t so innocent after all. The scene turns dark, haunting music begins to play, and screams fill the room. “They’re eating children! Fucking children!

This isn’t your normal animated film, and we’re here for it. #sorrynotsorry

Watch the hilarious and slightly disturbing trailer below. Make sure to grab your tickets before Sausage Party hits theaters August 12.