Selena Gomez Talks Mental Health and Instagram

Selena Gomez Talks Mental Health and Instagram

What’s Selena’s most complicated relationship?

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In a recent interview for Harper’s Bazaar, Selena Gomez is an open book. The interview was conducted by Katherine Langford –star of 13 Reasons Why, the Netflix series produced by Gomez. In the feature interview, the 25-year-old pop singer talks about Instagram, what it’s like being a performer in 2018, and her mental health, among other topics.

When asked about what it’s like being a performer in 2018, Gomez stated: “I feel like it’s become a much safer place to express your concerns or even just to have the right to say, you know, “I’m not sure I feel comfortable in this environment.” On a personal level, having done this since I was seven, it’s probably the most comfortable I’ve ever felt. Even in auditions I feel like I’m way more confident than I would’ve been in the past.”

Further into the interview, Gomez talked about her complex relationship with Instagram. She talks about how it’s given her a voice in the midst of other people trying to narrate her life for her, and has allowed her to clarify stories people make up of her when necessary. However, she also talks about how much people her age value the social media platform and forget about what’s really important–herself included.

“It’s an incredible platform, but in a lot of ways it’s given young people, myself included, a false representation of what’s important. So, yeah, it’s a complex relationship. Probably one of my most difficult relationships.”

Gomez also talked about her issues with depression and anxiety, and how she believes she won’t ever overcome it but instead have to face this fight for the rest of her life.

“There won’t be a day when I’m like, “Here I am in a pretty dress—I won!” I think it’s a battle I’m gonna have to face for the rest of my life, and I’m okay with that because I know that I’m choosing myself over anything else. I’m starting my year off with that thought. I want to make sure I’m healthy. If that’s good, everything else will fall into place.”

The singer and actress also commented on her next album and how she wants to work on her music this year but if it takes 10 years for her next album to be ready, then it is what it is.

The magazine with Selena’s feature is set to hit stands on February 20.