Social Media Stars, Where Are They Now

Social Media Stars, Where Are They Now

All once were viral celebrities.

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Antoine Dodson

In 2010 is when the madness started. Antoine Dodson gave an interview after a mystery intruder broke into his house and the Gregory Brother’s “songified” the interview. Sine the hilarious song released Antoine has made many business ventures since then. He also has taken a couple of voice roles and is now married with a son.

Jeremy Meeks

Stockton Police Department posted a photo of Jeremy’s mugshot on their Facebook page and it got quite a response. People started commenting from all over mentioning his eyes. He immediately became viral over Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms. Meeks was sentenced for 27 months in prison but was recently released! He signed a modeling contract and his agents announced he may be in some movies.

Rebecca Black

Everybody has heard Rebecca Black’s song at one point in their lives. Rebecca for her 14th birthday asked to make a music video. The song is called “Friday,” and is catchy but very annoying. Today the video has more than a hundred million views. Rebecca had a quick rise to fame at such a young age and ended up dropping out of school due to bullying. Today she is taking voice lessons to focus on gaining an actual singing career.

Alex Lee

Alex Lee is the famous Alex from Target. A photo of Alex went viral on twitter that featured him just doing his job, which ended up breaking the internet. He started the work so and so works here trend all over twitter. He then appeared on CNN and Ellen. Alex now has taken his hand at modeling and is focusing on hitting the gym as seen on his Instagram.

Danielle Bregoli

Although she technically didn’t get her start on social media I thought I should still include her in the list. Danielle Bregoli appeared on Doctor Phil, which gave her way to stardom. But she became viral on almost all social media platforms, her video was featured everywhere showing her popular phrase “catch me outside how about dat.” Now Danielle is making quite a lot of money and has just signed a deal with a major television company to make a reality show. Danielle has also been a Kodak Black’s music video “Everything 1k.”

Photograph via Celebrity Net Worth