When Is It Too Soon to Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

When Is It Too Soon to Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

The question a lot of us are wondering days leading up to the 14th.

Paula Andrea Vargas
posted by at Feb 14, 2018 at 1:15 pm
editor at hubwav

The origins of Valentine’s Day aren’t as romantic as we my think. It went from a pagan holiday of fertility and animal sacrifice, (um, okay?), to a day when Saint Valentine would marry soldiers who weren’t allowed to marry as the Emperor deemed they would get “distracted.” (So is this where we started to get blamed for things?) But nowadays, it is mostly known as one of most commercialized “holidays.”

It is expected 55% of Americans will commemorate the day by spending over $18 BILLION! $18 BILLION!! Are you insane? That is a ton of money to spend on chocolates, plush toys, flowers & meals. On average, men spend approximately $150 and women spend approximately $75! One: women it’s our time. Step.It.Up! Two: What? Why?

As I attempted to do the math… I started thinking. What part of these people recently boo-ed up? How many of these people met their partners at a New Year’s Party and hit it off. They have been going strong since and now it’s Valentine’s Day? Do they celebrate? Do they ignore? Do they half ass it? How soon is too soon to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

It is too soon? Yes, yes it is! I’ll say it! If you just met on New Year’s and have been vibing for less than a month… it is way too soon to expect a grandiose celebration of a holiday that is about plush toys and everything and anything in Pink & Red. Unless you are hanging out 24/7 with a person, (and if you are, FYI — you have a Stage 5 Clinger on your hands), there is no reason any side should be expecting a big deal to be made out of Valentine’s Day. And if you are… are you serious?

It takes 21 days to build a habit. That is 21 days of time and dedication at something every.single.day. In a month you probably go out on 4-5 dates and maybe talk every day but even then I think that is entirely too much pressure to put on this ONE holiday for budding relationships, or even established ones for that matter. Spread your $75 – $150 around throughout. And again women, Step.It.Up.

And one last thing… if you are celebrating on the 13th or 15th (and there is no extraordinary reason for it) then you are the side piece.