Spotify Pushes For Apple Antitrust Investigation

Spotify Pushes For Apple Antitrust Investigation

The battle of the music streaming services.

Sandy Chavez
posted by at May 6, 2019 at 4:11 pm
editor at hubwav

Streaming serviceSpotify is pushing for Apple’s investigating for breaking antitrust laws. They claim Apple uses its own app store to limit choices and favor Apple’s music streaming service. The company believes Apple also blocks “experience-enhancing upgrades” when it comes to Apple Watch, Siri, and other applications updates.

Spotify CEO Daniel Elk says “Apple tax” is also a concern. Apple reportedly takes a 30-percent cut of every Spotify subscription. He expressed this concern on a blog post you can check it out here.

Apple has responded to these claims by stressing, “Spotify wouldn’t be the business they are today without the App Store ecosystem.” The company also added, “Apple connects Spotify to our users. We provide the platform by which users download and update their app. We share critical software development tools to support Spotify’s app building. And we built a secure payment system — no small undertaking — which allows users to have faith in in-app transactions. Spotify is asking to keep all those benefits while also retaining 100 percent of the revenue.”

If Apple is found guilty of breaking antitrust, the financial reparations are estimated to be billions of dollars.