Tiger Woods and Girlfriend Sued Over Death of Employee

Tiger Woods and Girlfriend Sued Over Death of Employee

The hangover from his Masters win might last a little longer for Tiger.

Alex Gomez
posted by at May 13, 2019 at 9:29 pm
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Tiger Woods is in the news again, but not for anything golf-related. Woods and his girlfriend Erica Herman are being sued for over-serving alcohol to an employee after a car crash. According to TMZ Sports, the employee died soon after.

The lawsuit was filed in Palm Beach County by the family of Nicholas Immesberger, who say the couple is responsible for the death of Nicholas. Herman was employed as a General Manger at The Woods, the golfer’s restaurant in Jupiter, Florida. Immesberger was recruited by Herman to work there, according to the family.

According to the recent lawsuit by the family, Immesberger was served too much alcohol–to the point of eventually passing out. Immesberger died later that night after crashing his vehicle. Then, it was revealed his alcohol level was reported at .256.